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Tumble Tots - motivating the UK's toddlers

Over a 23% of our 4-5 years old are now overweight or obese as well as over 33% of our 10-11 year olds and there’s little sign it's slowing. Children of pre-school age require 180 minutes of activity per day according to the government guidelines launched last year. Tumble Tots prides itself in giving babies and children the best start in life through their physical play programme. So join us as we motivate the nation’s pre-school children to a campaign of fun and excitement with ‘Let the Games Begin’.

‘Let The Games Begin’ campaign will run from February through to July. The campaign has four themed sessions Track & Field, Water Games, Pitch & Events, Rhythm and Gym then a finale of all the categories. All of the themes are a way of encouraging children to develop their imagination and physical skills. The children attending the Tumble Tots sessions will join in the themed sessions and will receive a spectacular certificate and sticker after the session.

As part of the campaign we have produced a fabulous booklet incorporating some ideas and exercises for families to get involved in. These activities relate to the three elements of fitness, i.e. strength, endurance and flexibility. Join in with the rest of the 42,000 Tumble Tots babies and children who will be participating in an extra active Tumble Tots session during our ‘Let The Games Begin’ campaign and parents around the country will be encouraged to continue with a regular active routine so that we build a healthier nation. For free copies of the ‘Let The Games Begin’ booklet, please visit your local Tumble Tots centre at Heaton Mersey Methodist church, cavendish rd, or phone on 0161 456 6166 email tumbletots.bramhall@ntlworld.com