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Images of The Savoy Cinema

Following the reopening of The Savoy Cinema after a full refurbishment in 2015, the venue has gone from strength to strength.

Below are a selection of images which share a little about The Savoy Cinema as it was, and as it is now.

Cinema goers leave The Savoy following a showing.Cinema goers leave an evening showing at The Savoy. Image from @stopinstockport

Close up facia of refreshed Savoy CinemaThe old and the new facias. Classic and modern takes on the brand. Image from littlecoops2.

Alcoholic drinks and popcorn
A range of alcoholic drinks along with classic cinema food like popcorn is available. Image from misscolaaa

A cup of tea and a cakeYou can also find more unusual options for enjoying during the film. Image from emilyclarereid

Heaton Chapel Train Station Savoy posterThis poster is displayed as part of the Heaton Chapel Train Station renovations. Image from stuffjohnsaw

Of course it wasn't always this way. For many years The Savoy Cinema in Heaton Moor that we knew was run down and struggling financially

The Savoy before work began to refurbish it and reopenBefore the refurbishment, the cinema was not living up to its potential. Image from jillyt47

The Savoy with an even earlier facia on it. Image from @eharno