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Friends of Heaton Chapel Station Seek Volunteers

Friends of Heaton Chapel station logo

Last year a small group of local residents formed the Friends of Heaton Chapel station in an attempt to improve the gardens, facilities and general appearance of Heaton Moor's closest railway station.

Starting in August of last year they have already had quite an impact on the station with the setting up of a travellers library, considerable landscaping and more recently the Running Man project which led to the instalment of 16 art covered wall panels along a previously neglected wall on platform 2 of the station.

The group are always looking for volunteers, so if helping to improve Heaton Chapel Station sounds like something you'd like to get involved with, you can become a member for the princely sum of £2 a year via their membership page.

Email: FofHCS@gmail.com Twitter: @Heatonchplstatn